Quick Guide to Healthy Fats- In a Nutshell

Highlights:  Dietary Fats: Types, Functions, and Importance in Weight Loss Why Trans Fats are used and its Impact on our Health Smart Substitutions to eat Nuts and Seeds Types of Oil to prefer for Cooking 3 Proven Ways to go Nuts Over Nuts A list of Nuts and Seeds to Swap Processed Foods to Fresh FoodsContinue reading “Quick Guide to Healthy Fats- In a Nutshell”

10 Superfoods to Add to your Diet this Winter

Superfoods for your Health This article focuses on functional foods or ‘Superfoods‘ often a misnomer as touted by the media. Firstly, the functional foods are effective and non-toxic. Secondly, provide clinically proven health benefits for prevention and management or treatment of chronic diseases. Functional foods or superfoods are the foods in which specific nutrients andContinue reading “10 Superfoods to Add to your Diet this Winter”

Keep track of Blood Pressure Numbers

Keep track of Blood Pressure Numbers-Take the Charge for Heart Health Diabetes and heart disease a risky combination both tend to live in each other’s vicinity as suggested in many research studies. Adults with diabetes are two to four times are more likely to die from heart disease compared to adults without diabetes. According toContinue reading “Keep track of Blood Pressure Numbers”