The Self-care Toolkit

Are you being mindful in what you are eating? Doctors often do not ask, “Are you feeling low and depressed? What have you been eating these days?” Literature indicates multiple contributory factors to poor mental health. There are situations in life that make one feel overwhelming. And one can easily feel stressed, anxious and mentallyContinue reading “The Self-care Toolkit”

The Ultimate Keto Shopping List

Many people say diet success starts in the kitchen, but it actually starts somewhere else—the grocery store. Making the wrong choices at the grocery store might lead you to make bad decisions in the kitchen as well. This is particularly true if you plan on following the ketogenic diet. Just like any other diet, ketoContinue reading “The Ultimate Keto Shopping List”

Tips to Diabetes Check at Home

Tips to Leverage your Health with Diabetes Check at Home Leverage your Health being Diabetes Free- For people who have diabetes (or any other chronic disease), for that matter – benefits of keeping its markers on a healthy number can’t be overstated. You can now get you A1C levels where you like it to be.Continue reading “Tips to Diabetes Check at Home”