Wheatgrass- A Potential Green Superfood

In the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle our aim is to meet the contemporary standard of health for all. A prominent catchphrase by Hippocrates “Nature itself is the best Physician”. This quotation implies that if your diet is bad, medicine will be of no use. But if you eat nutritious and natural food, you won’tContinue reading “Wheatgrass- A Potential Green Superfood”

Nutrition Tips for Better Performance During Exams

Here’s a topic that is really timely and that might interest you. “Good Nutrition to Improve your Performance during Exam Days” The topic may pop up a few questions in your mind most probably, Do foods have something to do with your performance?  Can the right food improve your exam performance? There is research doneContinue reading “Nutrition Tips for Better Performance During Exams”

Nutrition Facts You Need to Know

Looking for weight loss and overall health in the digital age is in many ways a mixed blessing. Technology on one hand is a threshold to endless potential weight loss diets, nutrtion facts, health and fitness approaches. But, on the flip side it is difficult to choose which diet to follow. Plus, what activity supercharges yourContinue reading “Nutrition Facts You Need to Know”

Foods that Boost Brain Power

Have you ever forgotten where you keep your car keys or house keys? Trust me it has happened to me as well. Often your friends and family may joke about you getting old. However, changes in cognitive function are not a matter to laugh. The ability to multi-task, manage time and make decisions dwindles whenContinue reading “Foods that Boost Brain Power”

4 Ways to Decode the Science behind Weight Loss Plan

This article will focus on factors which influence required Weight Loss Plan in the long-term. The Objective of this article is to provide you tips to lose weight. Highlights: Set your Goal for Weight Loss that is realistic and can be achieved by you. Set a target Weight for Weight Loss. Planned exercise for targetedContinue reading “4 Ways to Decode the Science behind Weight Loss Plan”

Top 20 Fermented Foods- Ultimate Source of Probiotics

  The Top 20 Fermented Foods is an ultimate source of Probiotics for your Gut Probiotics are live bacteria ‘friendly’ to your gut to promote its health. You can avail probiotics through food or supplements. Related: What is Probiotics? Fermented foods are important traditional foods around the world. Do I need Probiotics? What kind? Here’s aContinue reading “Top 20 Fermented Foods- Ultimate Source of Probiotics”

Quick Guide to Healthy Fats- In a Nutshell

Highlights:  Dietary Fats: Types, Functions, and Importance in Weight Loss Why Trans Fats are used and its Impact on our Health Smart Substitutions to eat Nuts and Seeds Types of Oil to prefer for Cooking 3 Proven Ways to go Nuts Over Nuts A list of Nuts and Seeds to Swap Processed Foods to Fresh FoodsContinue reading “Quick Guide to Healthy Fats- In a Nutshell”

Top 5 Proven Health Benefits of Probiotics

The Probiotic Foods are prepared by live Bacteria and Yeasts good for our digestion. The term Probiotics conceived from both Latin and Greek word. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food- Hippocrates. This quote is not a cliché anymore, despite advances in food and pharma technology for better health prospects. According toContinue reading “Top 5 Proven Health Benefits of Probiotics”

7 Ways to Lose Weight with Hormones in Harmony

The prominent question is how you gain weight again and again and how to reverse it. The belief that excessive eating and too little physical activity leads to weight gain and obesity is a myth now. There is another cliché as we age it is likely to put on few kilos and have less energy.Continue reading “7 Ways to Lose Weight with Hormones in Harmony”

Nutrition Facts Label you should Know about Added Sugar in Foods

Why Sugar matters? Sugars are basically soluble carbohydrates that provide energy to the body.  In other words, the simplest form of sugar is glucose that is used up by the brain, muscles and other major organs for their proper function. But, how much sugar a person needs throughout the day and through what sources areContinue reading “Nutrition Facts Label you should Know about Added Sugar in Foods”