The Ultimate Keto Shopping List

Many people say diet success starts in the kitchen, but it actually starts somewhere else—the grocery store. Making the wrong choices at the grocery store might lead you to make bad decisions in the kitchen as well. This is particularly true if you plan on following the ketogenic diet. Just like any other diet, ketoContinue reading “The Ultimate Keto Shopping List”

What Are Net Carbs- In a Nutshell

In recent years, carb counting has become a major point of dietary emphasis. With many low-carb diets such as keto and Atkins becoming more commonplace, it’s crucial to account for carbohydrates properly. Highlights: Let’s Define a Carbohydrate Net Carbs Explained Why is Fiber Different? Insoluble Fiber Soluble Fiber What are Sugar Alcohols? How to CalculateContinue reading “What Are Net Carbs- In a Nutshell”

A Quick Guide to Sports Nutrition

Nutrition for Sports Specialized exercise training is an integral part of sport performance and proper nutrition is an important component of the total training program, allowing for optimal growth and development in athletes. Sports nutrition for athletes is similar to essential nutrients needed by a non-athlete person with varied increases in their calorie needs fromContinue reading “A Quick Guide to Sports Nutrition”

Post Exercise Recovery Techniques

Image credits: Mauricio Campino Facts about Exercise There are different forms of exercise such as high-intensity-short duration, high intensity interval training (HIIT) and moderate- to low-intensity exercises.  The intensity and duration of exercise is important in determining what energy source (carbohydrate, protein, fat) will be used as a fuel by the contracting muscles during exercise. Continue reading “Post Exercise Recovery Techniques”

Keto and Intermittent Fasting: A Beginner’s Guide

The ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting have more in common than you may believe. When combining the two practices, they may be able to synergistically work together toward common goals of fat loss and improved metabolic health. Despite the differences in the diets, they have two big similarities: both increase ketone production and can alsoContinue reading “Keto and Intermittent Fasting: A Beginner’s Guide”

Tips to Balanced Diet for Healthy Living

What is a Balanced Diet?  A balanced diet is a combination of basic food groups that contains a variety of cereals, legumes, dairy products, meat, egg, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. Along with nutrient-dense foods such as carbohydrates, proteins, visible and invisible fats, a balanced diet is also packed with vitamins andContinue reading “Tips to Balanced Diet for Healthy Living”

5 Health Benefits of Quinoa as a Prebiotic Food

Health benefits of Quinoa as a superfood comes down to two important factors that I’ll discuss in this article.  It has a rich nutritional profile and . Environmental stress tolerant properties Health Benefits of Quinoa (Pronounced as Keen-wah) you should know: Quinoa also known as ‘Mother Grain’ is a psuedo-cereal (not a grain but aContinue reading “5 Health Benefits of Quinoa as a Prebiotic Food”

Tips to Boost your Brain Chemicals Naturally

Put your Neurotransmitters at Work for Better Mental Health through Diet and lifestyle Management The problem of stress arises when you put your work at first and your brain health at second. Mindfulness is your happiness factor. Happiness has a biological dimension to it with the release of certain chemicals from the brain known asContinue reading “Tips to Boost your Brain Chemicals Naturally”

Type 2 Diabetes: Manage Diabetes with Herbs and Spices Naturally

Presence of bioactive compounds (polyphenol, flavonoid, and anti-oxidants) in different herbs and spices help prevent chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, renal disease and many more. India is ‘home to spices’ that are used prominently in traditional medicine practice. Type 2 diabetes, a metabolic disorder in which enough insulin is not produced/releasedContinue reading “Type 2 Diabetes: Manage Diabetes with Herbs and Spices Naturally”