Mapping into Genomics Potential: A promising breakthrough or another technology landmine

Affordable and rapid DNA sequencing has caused a revolution in the medicine and health-care sectors globally, while genomics can be seen as a paradigm shift in health practices and outcomes, as it ushers in a new era of precision healthcare in which preventive methods, treatments, and health advice reach the right person at the rightContinue reading “Mapping into Genomics Potential: A promising breakthrough or another technology landmine”

A blueprint of Self-care Approach

             Identify your unique plans to change as per your ikigai. The word ‘Ikigai’ involves planning your routines and work schedules daily with a purpose. Every day is a new day, and if you miss any self-care goal due to procrastination, you always have the option to start a healthy routine each day.              1.Continue reading “A blueprint of Self-care Approach”

Nutrition Facts Label you should Know about Added Sugar in Foods

Why Sugar matters? Sugars are basically soluble carbohydrates that provide energy to the body.  In other words, the simplest form of sugar is glucose that is used up by the brain, muscles and other major organs for their proper function. But, how much sugar a person needs throughout the day and through what sources areContinue reading “Nutrition Facts Label you should Know about Added Sugar in Foods”

6 Tips to a Healthy New Year Resolution

Hello Readers,  New Year Greetings to all. Today, I’ll write in hopes and share my experience of the truth of resolutions. Resolutions we make and/ or break that will nudge you to a healthier lifestyle. You heard it right ‘the resolutions’, for me this word comes with a lot of emotional and physical baggage. To keepContinue reading “6 Tips to a Healthy New Year Resolution”

5 Penny-pinching Hacks to Redeem Health Care Goals

5 Penny-pinching Hacks that can Work Best for you to Redeem Health Care Goals Most of us, as the month ends start muddling through household expenditure budget. It is no surprise that we often surpass daily or monthly expenses. Moreover, health expenditure takes a backseat in comparison to other household expenses. We are often leftContinue reading “5 Penny-pinching Hacks to Redeem Health Care Goals”

Tips to Wellness Concepts around the World

Tips to Learn Wellness Concepts around the World From Ikigai, talkoot, shinrin-yoku to meraki. So let’s take a journey of words that describe wellness concepts and understand its importance in your life. Ikigai- origin- Japan What is it– Finding your meaning in life. How to include them– Get up early in the morning each day withContinue reading “Tips to Wellness Concepts around the World”

Celebrate Christmas- Zeal of Wellness

Celebrate this Christmas with Zeal of Wellness The holiday season has arrived that starts with Christmas celebrations and New year on the board. These festivals are all about good and lavish foods, lighting, gifts and decorations along with social gatherings and parties. The feasting and decorations last for a year. So gear yourself to ringContinue reading “Celebrate Christmas- Zeal of Wellness”

6 Health Behavioral Modifications for Healthy Food

Your health goals – prepare, practice, prevail This is a world where economies are sustained, policies worth billion dollars made across geographies. Welcome to the world of health economics, where information of every sort woven into the very fundamentals of nutrition. Learning from our own mistake is bygone in today’s time. Now rational decision-making isContinue reading “6 Health Behavioral Modifications for Healthy Food”


Introduction- We all know the importance of healthy living, and you are reading this means you must be looking forward to a better life. The very first step is to know how to prepare for the healthy you. Tuck in your belt and go through this article, I’ll provide you with valuable information about theContinue reading “5 REASONS TO CHOOSE YOGA HEALTH BENEFITS OVER CONVENTIONAL EXERCISES”

7 Powerful Behavioral Hacks for Healthy Weight Loss-

Unsure of how to lose weight in a healthy way? Have diets you tried in the past did not deliver as proclaimed? We indulge in one of a type of diet, as advertised to lose weight instantly, kicked off well, and then suddenly lose interest. Maybe due to meal restrictions, boredom, or could not matchContinue reading “7 Powerful Behavioral Hacks for Healthy Weight Loss-“