Celebrate Christmas- Zeal of Wellness

Zeal Wellness

Celebrate this Christmas with Zeal of Wellness

The holiday season has arrived that starts with Christmas celebrations and New year on the board. These festivals are all about good and lavish foods, lighting, gifts and decorations along with social gatherings and parties. The feasting and decorations last for a year.

So gear yourself to ring the holiday with cheers of health and wellness.
Are you going to give a miss on your healthy diet plan or exercise routine? Maybe. But here are three important dimensions of wellness that is, environmental wellness, physical wellness, and social wellness you must stick to supercharge your festive mode.
But, to lead a healthy and disease free life it is important to give importance to your health and well-being each day, even during festival seasons.

Firstly, go green

Deck your home and workplace with eco-friendly, handcrafted Christmas decorations for a healthy environment. Light up your home with earthen lamps and candles with use of natural essential oils such as lavender and rose oil. Use wooden lamps and colorful decorative paper for gift wraps rather plastics that are harmful to the environment. You can also try handloom cloths that comes in various designs and ranges for decoration such as pottery, wall hangings or gift wraps to minimize harmful environmental impact. The art of handloom is traditional hand skill which uses no chemicals only skill preservation. Also bring home natural christmas tree not the artificial one.

Secondly, go healthy

Christmas and plum cakes are good buddies, one cannot imagine Christmas without traditional plum cakes and other desserts. Enjoy the mouth savoring home-baked cakes from chocolate fudge to banana walnut cake.
Why home-baked cakes? You can spend more quality time with family while preparing bake cakes which is without preservatives.
Most importantly, start your day with light exercise in the morning and a few minutes of meditation to give a boost to your festive mood.

Thirdly, go social

Gift your loved ones and friends with lifetime memories of wellness, sharing good food, good music, and happiness with others. Social interaction is also linked to better health as suggested by experts. You can get inspired for gifts this christmas based on six dimentions of wellness.
Share your mantra for a healthy routine this festive season.

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