7 Powerful Behavioral Hacks for Healthy Weight Loss-

Healthy Weight Loss

Unsure of how to lose weight in a healthy way? Have diets you tried in the past did not deliver as proclaimed?

We indulge in one of a type of diet, as advertised to lose weight instantly, kicked off well, and then suddenly lose interest. Maybe due to meal restrictions, boredom, or could not match up to the diet plan and quit.

What’s next? We should try some other popular diet available or just let go of the desire of losing weight or pop weight loss pills that have flourished in the market?

Globally, obesity is a widespread metabolic problem and its frequency has tripled over the last four decades as reported by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Obesity, the word in itself is enough to give chills to the spine of an obese person. In today’s fast pace world, weight loss and weight management seem invincible leading to a lot of stress.

The article explores weight management and eating behavior in context to self-regulation and motivation to long-term weight control.
The good news is that with an adept management technique you can reduce excess weight.

Right Approach- The very first response that triggers one’s mind is to abstain from food that leads to crash diet ultimately double weight gain. In contrary to it, behavior modification will serve as a motivating fuel to achieve weight goals.

How can you differentiate between obesity and overweight?

The definition for obesity and overweight is based on BMI or Body Mass Index. BMI or Body Mass Index is a parameter of weight-for-height to categorize adults into overweight or obesity.

BMI is measured as weight in kilograms divided by square of height in meters that is, (kg/m2) for adults.

  • Obesity: BMI >=30 kg/m2
  • Overweight: BMI>=25 kg/m2

Why these factors matter?

Experts have proven that factors like overweight, obesity and related factors such as over-eating, environmental factors are risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and so on.

In addition, eating practices play a greater role in the development of effective interventions for healthy weight loss program.

Weight loss is challenging, the option is plenty but an effective solution to healthy weight loss rely on our behavior and how we modify them.

Recent researches have advocated skill power over will power to lose weight and keep it off.

In this article, I’ll discuss ‘Skill Power’ techniques that comprise powerful behavioral hacks or habits that can be tailored according to your requirements.

Firstly, track the type of hunger and before you eat anything you need to learn how to differentiate different types of hunger which are as follows:

  • Nutritional hunger- The trigger: starvation of nutrients

          Your action: Eat the right amount of nutrient and at the right time

  • Thirst hunger- The trigger: growling and empty stomach feeling, lack of water intake

         Your action: stay hydrated

  • Low blood sugar hungerThe trigger: hypoglycemia, dizziness, weakness

         Your action: Check your blood sugar levels, don’t skip dinner

  • Variety hungerThe trigger: A craving for something sweet, salty or creamy

          Your action: opt for low-calorie foods and go for portion control

  • Emotional hungerThe trigger: stress, anxiety or fear

         Your action: Seek ways to satisfy emotional voids

Harness Health benefits of Seasonal Foods

Get access to seasonal whole foods such as fruits and vegetables from your local farm or markets. These produce are usually fresher, palatable, healthy and cheaper when it is in season.

Seasonal produce also adds more color and variety in your diet; experts recommend about five servings of fruits and vegetables in one’s meal.

Read on: 10 Superfoods to Add to your Diet this Winter

Escape the Sugar Trap

According to experts, sugar acts as an addictive agent as it brings the neurobiological changes similar to those in drug addiction.

Now international dietary guidelines encourage minimizing sugar consumption mainly monosaccharide and disaccharide added to foods, fruit juices or drinks has been linked to atopic asthma.

Do Not Skip Breakfast

 A good and healthy breakfast fuels your body and makes you ready for the day- it is one of the healthy behavioral hacks.

Include high fiber food in your breakfast such as oats, whole grains and products, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Those who skip breakfast lead an unhealthy lifestyle in terms of poor dietary intake, frequent smoking and alcohol consumption, hormonal imbalances and altered biological clock.

Food addiction model suggests excessive consumption of sugar leads to binging behavior.

Eating a healthy breakfast maintains a healthier weight, cardiac and gut health. It has been proven in research that skipping breakfast has a strong correlation to the risk of developing atherosclerosis that involves hardening of arteries.

Portion Control

Familiarize yourself with standard serving sizes. Did you know that one serving of pasta is only 1/2 cup or about the front of the clenched fist? Or the recommended serving size of meat is only 3 ounce about the size of your palm?

Stay Focused for Positive Change

If you are struggling to adapt to certain behavior change such as taking up a particular diet, learn meditation or practice any physical activity. For instance, to shed those extra kilos or maintain optimal health-need not worry at all.

Research suggests it takes probably three months to change behaviors and if this change is for a healthier version of you the just stay motivated, focused and keep a check on your progress.

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Set Small and Realistic Goals-

A healthy approach involves taking small and realistic steps today to impact your health tomorrow. Do not indulge in any short-term or long-term methods rather give attention to whatever you do daily.

Bring a shift in your behavior gradually to incorporate healthy choices into your weight loss plan.

Focus to improve diet rather adapt to a certain diet. Do not set any goal solely to lose weight rather focus on overall health.

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