Quit Sugar and Salt with Health Behavioral Modification

Before investing investing in for a certain for a product to attain your health goals understand its repercussions.
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 Quit Sugar- An approach to change your Diet Plan

‘One cannot fit a square peg in a round hole’. This analogy fits with the diets that work for everybody but didn’t pay off you in the long-term.

Because some diet or foods are not right for you, for your metabolism or your condition.

Here, come in play your genes and environment that influence on what and how much you eat .There is no term for bad food, only food products are used wrongly.

For instance, when one tries to forcibly fit a particular food to fulfill a need that is not intended for, it is likely to fail.

To map it to your health goal, and preferences to get the best out of it.

A health behavioral modification is all about a modified eating habit and exercise that we hear so many times? Maybe not, because a macro-shift in choices you make each day is enough.

Such as experimentation with the low-fat diet or Mediterranean diet. Spend time in grocery shopping rather than watching T.V. This could be achieved when you set small and accurate goals. Also, put off the ‘doer’ that arouses temptation of over-eating.

 The Credibility of a Food Product

When your efforts are for long-term health goals like getting rid of those extra kilos or pain-free mornings.

It is inertia that keeps you from investing in choices that are designed healthy for an overall well-being. For this, one must go for a healthier version of the food.

A better option would be to understand the risks associated with the products available. Then select those that are best suited to your needs.

The Underlying Risk in Fixed Returns 

Processed foods, excess salt, sugar, and its products are easily available. It may be suitable when needed to eat something in an instant, while in a meeting or college fest, but it will harm you in return. 

So go for nutrients and not calories when you are hungry.

When Market dictates Food Preferences 

If you are inclined to invest in products depending upon how markets are expecting you to choose from. It is likely that your food choices are not aligned with health goals.

There is a need for skill, informed choices and time to make alterations based on expected market movement. Become your own choice architect to your health and well-being.

Identify foods that are structured to meet your needs. Make a habit to see to the pros and cons of each food product you buy and evaluate its consequences.

Sugar Withdrawal: An innocuous source of energy or not?

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What happens when you Quit Sugar? Sugar or dietary sugar falls under the carbohydrate category of food groups. Sugar forms a major portion of nutritive calorie in the human population.

Recent studies suggest that our body’s own detoxification system can overcome the deleterious effect of high blood sugar. Body’s own fat metabolism is the in-built detoxification system. 

A chemical reaction that involves a type of metabolite, ketone acetoacetate a by-product from fat metabolism quenches the reactive by-product of sugar metabolism that is, methylglyoxal which is toxic to the cells.

A 2018 report published in the Psychopharmacology Journal stated psychological factors to be the leading cause of anxiety, and mood disorders under hypoglycemic condition.

Scientists observed a bad eating behavior to be at fault. It is associated with sluggish nature and stress resulting from high levels of corticosteroid.

The drop in activity levels enhanced when given antidepressants rather glucose. Hence, identify your stressors whether it is nutritional hunger or emotional hunger and employ healthy eating habits into a possible remedy.

Halt the salt in your kitchen: Best Health Tip 

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Although salt is essential for the normal functioning of the body but the sodium in salt with potassium maintains fluid levels in the body.  Thereby, sodium facilitates the transmission of nerve impulses and the contraction of muscle fibers.

But all this process requires less than one-tenth of a teaspoon per day. Choose fresh herbs and spices as an alternative to salt to flavor your dishes. It helps to minimize the risk of high blood pressure.

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The bottom line:

When you find yourself either cutting back on your health goals like restoring to sugary products. Despite, having invested in a healthier version of food as you assume. It indicates that the money and time may be in the wrong food product.

A good diet should offer a plenty of choices, relatively few restrictions. With no expensive special foods on your grocery list. It should be something you can sustain for years.

It should be as good for your brain, heart, gut, bones as it is for your waistline.

This type of diet won’t give you a quick-fix but arsenal with a better nudge towards long-term healthy choices.

This will benefit not just a few people but a whole of you.


Thank you for reading!


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  1. It is indeed commendable,the standard and flow of ideas and thoughts are quite smooth and we’ll connected .Afew short numeric rich data and scientific details wrt basal metabolic rate and total expenditure rate produced in an elusive manner would have been SONE PE SUHGA…..God Succeeds…God Bless.


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